Celebrating the 10th work anniversary of our Head of HR, Patrycja Bytner

The importance of celebrating milesontes    At Macrix, we believe in celebrating milestones and recognizing the contributions of our dedicated team members. We celebrate anniversaries,…
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miniatura trio workshops

Future developers in action: Macrix conducts a workshop at IAESTE Case Week!

  From May 6th to 17th, the 15th edition of IAESTE Case Week, the largest series of engineering workshops in Poland, took place. Organized by…
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The launch of ArconQ – time for celebration!

With the beginning of April, Macrix Technology Group achieved a significant milestone – the first production release of ArconQ, an all-in-one integration platform that revolutionizes…
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MVP 2023

A Night to Remember: The Macrix Academy Awards Gala 2023

The Macrix Academy Awards Gala: Celebrating Excellence at Macrix The Macrix Academy Awards Gala is like the Oscars, but for the IT world, Macrix world.…
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Young Potential Program just started!

Attention, ambitious minds! With the academic semester just kicking off, we’ve rolled up our sleeves at Macrix to offer students something truly amazing!: Young Potentials…
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Macrix Sports Challenge 2023

This July, the Macrix Community had the pleasure of celebrating the impressive accomplishments of our team members who participated in the second annual Macrix Sports…
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Macrix Academy Awards Gala 2022

On February 23rd, it was time for one of the most important company events of the year – the Macrix Academy Awards Gala 2022. Once…
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The Macrix Academy Awards are coming…

February will see the Macrix Academy Awards Gala 2022, an event to celebrate the employees with the most outstanding achievements over the last year. During…
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Integration trip to Olandia

On 23 September, the long-awaited integration trip to Olandia took place for all Macrix Employees. On Friday afternoon, everybody met in front of the Poznań…
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Kayak Trip in Nature

On a July morning, in the port of Radzewice, 33 kilometers from Poznań, Macrix employees met to travel together to the starting point of a…
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Macrix Office Lunch

Already in April, the first-ever Macrix Office Lunch was taking place at Macrix DE in Mönchengladbach. The event will be repeated periodically at MXDE and…
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Bonfire in Poznań

On 5 May, a company bonfire was held at Scout Camp in Poznań, during which Macrix employees and their families had the opportunity to spend…
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Board Games Evening at Macrix Poznań

It’s board game time! On April 12th, just after work, the Board Games Evening took place within the walls of the Macrix Poznan office. At…
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Macrix has chosen its Most Valuable Player 2021

On the 15th of March, Macrix employees and the executive board met at “Salon Towarzyski” in Poznań for the Most Valuable Player 2021 Gala. Excitement…
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ISO 27001: We are certified!

Information security is our priority. We are happy to announce that Macrix Technology Group has recently been certified according to ISO 27001.  Under the leadership…
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20 Years anniversary of Macrix!

It all began in September 2000 with a handshake between Marek Zuchowski and Kristof Halastra… and on the 25th of September 2020 we celebrated the…
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“Rosa’s wonderful world”

A little cultural highlight from our own: Up to the 28th of February, visitors at the Kempen town hall at Buttermarkt can view „Die wunderbare…
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IMG_9263 copy 1-big

Did you see the Macrix Tower?

The big day has come! Last Saturday, despite the raging wind, we managed to finish the Macrix Tower project and now nobody will get lost…
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Iso zertifiziert Macrix

ISO 9001-2015 certification

ISO 9001 is the international standard for a quality management system (“QMS”). In order to be certified to the ISO 9001 standard, a company must…
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Sachsenring Macrix

Macrix at the Sachsenring

Last year, a group of our employees went to Hockenheim in Germany to support our partner team RN Vision STS in the ADAC GT4 series.
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Eindrücke des Bike Jamboree - Macrix Team

Photographic account of Bike Jamboree

Hello, I would like to share my thoughts with you from a bicycle relay around the world Bike Jamboree (, in which I participated in May this year.…
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IT Manger Meeting

Let’s become IT Managers of Tomorrow!

As part of the competence management program, several of our managers participated in the fourth edition of the conference “IT Manager of Tomorrow 2019”. The…
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Competence Management – Report 1/2019

Our company’s competence development faculty has been introduced one year ago. We exist in order to take care of the systematic development of our employees…
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Meetup at Macrics

It’s time for Macrix Meetups!

Previous Next With the coming of spring, Macrix launched a new initiative of organizing meetings after hours, during which we will exchange knowledge, experience and…
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Neues Büro Macrix Germany

Macrix Germany moves to new headquarters

Previous Next Just like the team in Poland, Macrix Germany moved to a completely new headquarters in November. The all-new, modern and elegant office building…
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Macrix auf der Rennstrecke

Macrix employees at the racetrack

Macrix has been associated with the automotive industry for many years. Thanks to this, recently a group of our employees had the unique opportunity to…
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Macrix neuer Standort in Polen

New Macrix Poland headquarters

Macrix Poland is no longer spread across two offices! At the beginning of November, we all moved into our new headquarters, which is located in…
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IT Events bei Macrix

Learning is a life-long process…

 … or at least should be! 🙂 In 2018 we put special emphasis on the development of our skills and widening of our horizons, taking…
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Grillsaison Macrix Polen

Let us begin the grill-afternoons on Podlaska street!

As soon as the hot summer came, we started our long-awaited grill get-togethers on Podlaska. Apart from the standard equipment for such an event, there…
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LEGO in the spotlight 🙂

Another integration meeting behind us. This time the spotlight was on the Bucket Wheel Excavator received as a gift from one of our clients –…
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