Let’s become IT Managers of Tomorrow!

As part of the competence management program, several of our managers participated in the fourth edition of the conference “IT Manager of Tomorrow 2019”. The event was organized at the Sheraton hotel in Sopot by the Let’s Manage IT Foundation.

The aim of the conference was to show the constantly evolving role of the IT manager – a manager who is a leader, takes care of the team and realizes business objectives with the use of appropriate tools and methods. The organizers offered three thematic blocks: Culture and People, Business, and Technologies. The first area gave insight into how to build a strong, cooperative team. The Business block focused on the relationship between IT and the business world as well as its goals and values. The last thematic area gave participants the opportunity to learn about the newest tools and methods of effective IT management.

The conference also offered many workshops, where speakers such as Paul Wilkinson or Akshay Anand personally helped the participants in solving problems. After the presentations, there was time for one-to-one conversations with the speakers.

The highlight of the conference was a big gala, during which the results of the IT Manager of Tomorrow Awards 2019 were announced. The competition is open to all IT managers, regardless of their industry. Participants must submit and present a successful project, transformation or similar initiative. The gala lasted until dawn and gave all participants a great opportunity for smalltalk and discussing ideas.

At the end, Karol Bielecki, a former handball player of the Polish national team, took the stage. Although he has nothing to do with the IT industry, his speech was a perfect addition to the Culture and People thematic block. Based on his experience, Karol explained how to make good decisions in difficult moments and how success comes to those who work hard to achieve it.