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Professional data analysis for sports car drivers and race drivers

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The Race Navigator – compact, fast, precise

Better lap times are a permanent challenge on every racetrack. Race Navigator offers sports car drivers and motorsport professionals intuitive data analysis systems to record and evaluate laps on the track.


RN Vision offers professional hardware for intuitive data analysis systems. Modular or all-in-one systems for racers.

Software & Apps

Intuitive analysis and management with the RN Apps "RN Analyzer" and "RN Connect". Lap comparisons, time gain and loss, driven lines and more!

RN Support

Do you have any questions about the installation, features or handling of your RN system? We offer you extensive support.

Questions about Race Navigator

The Race Navigator is available in different versions. The RN LITE with the basics, the RN ONE, or the RN PRO, which is an autonomous and modular system that offers many options for expansion.
RN Vision offers a variety of hardware and software components that extend and customize the Race Navigator to your needs.
The Race Navigator App RN Analyzer is the extended evaluation tool for your data from the RN LITE, RN ONE and RN PRO.
With this app you can easily transfer the data of your Race Navigator via Wi-Fi to your iPad or Windows PC. Lap comparisons, data analysis and video evaluation become child's play. You can also manage the recordings of your events, stints, and laps comfortably with the app.

Race Navigator in action


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