A Night to Remember: The Macrix Academy Awards Gala 2023

The Macrix Academy Awards Gala: Celebrating Excellence at Macrix


The Macrix Academy Awards Gala is like the Oscars, but for the IT world, Macrix world. This annual event celebrates the outstanding achievements of our employees within the Macrix Technology Group. It stands as the most important event of the year, our flagship event that brings everyone together in recognition and celebration.

Macrix Academy is all about growth and collective learning. We are dedicated to supporting each individual in developing their skills and creativity, with an aim to prepare everyone for a constantly evolving world. It provides opportunities for hands-on learning and nurtures a supportive community atmosphere where knowledge sharing, development, and mutual assistance flourish. This environment enables us to achieve greater success together.


A Grand Opening 


On March 21st, the vibrant Concordia Design became the backdrop for the Macrix Academy Awards Gala, an unforgettable evening celebrating our community’s achievements and talents. The event, marked by camaraderie and heartfelt appreciation, began shortly after 6:00 PM. Dominika Kirschenstein, Communication & EB Specialist, and Max Żuchowski, Head of Development, set a welcoming and energetic tone as the hosts. 

Celebrating Our Achievements 


Kamil Wilkosz, the Macrix Academy Coordinator, led attendees through a review of the past year’s highlights of Macrix Academy’s initiatives, unveiling plans for the year ahead and giving us a sneak peek into the Young Potentials Program. 

Heart for Feedback Initiative 


The evening’s highlight was Patrycja Bytner, Head of HR, introducing the “Heart for Feedback” initiative. This innovative approach to nurturing constructive feedback involved participants exchanging feedback stickers, a fun and engaging way to appreciate contributions. 

This special initiative saw Marta Gralak, Junior Developer, honored with the “Heart for Feedback” award for her exceptional dedication to providing meaningful feedback within our team.

Honoring Excellence: Award Categories and Winners 


The gala honored individuals across several categories, showcasing the depth of talent within our team: 

  • Business Value: Stephan Frank, Head of PMO, for his remarkable contributions. 
  • Innovation & Creativity: Piotr Walczak, Head of TMO, recognized for his innovative efforts. 
  • Readiness for Duty: Piotr Ptak, Project Manager, celebrated for his unwavering commitment. 
  • Community Involvement and Support for Others: Piotr Pietrzak, Team Leader / Senior Commissioning Engineer, acknowledged for his exceptional dedication in both categories. 

Capturing Our Spirit 


A special video unveiling captured the essence of our office atmosphere, highlighting the dynamic and collaborative environment we cherish. 

Live Voting Engagement


An engaging live voting process allowed attendees to participate in selecting the Most Valuable Player of 2023, adding a layer of excitement to the evening. 

The Gala’s Climax: MVP 2023 


The announcement of Piotr Walczak as the Most Valuable Player of 2023 by CEO Marek Żuchowski was the gala’s climax, celebrating his outstanding dedication over the past year. 

A Night of Collaboration


The evening concluded with group photos, conversations, and songs, perfectly embodying our culture of collaboration and shared success. 

See the best highlights from the event in

📽️ Movie from the Gala – HERE. 📍



In Closing


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our winners and express our gratitude to everyone who participated, making this gala a truly special event. 

Congratulations again to our winners and to the Most Valuable Player of 2023 – Piotr Walczak.

Wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead! 

Dominika Kirschenstein
Communication & Employer Branding Specialist