Young Potential Program just started!

Attention, ambitious minds! With the academic semester just kicking off, we’ve rolled up our sleeves at Macrix to offer students something truly amazing!: Young Potentials Program (YPP). This is a unique development initiative (fully-paid) that’s changing the game for students and recent graduates under 26.

What is the Young Potentials Program?

The YPP is your golden ticket to a three-month journey of intensive software development training and hands-on project work. Imagine a Learn & Stay formula where your skills flourish, and the best participants will just land a job proposal at the end!

Who Can Join?

If you’re a STEM student or recent graduate (aged 18-26) with unapologetic ambition to kickstart your IT career and English skills at B2/C1 level, this is for you!

What Makes YPP Unique?

Development & Growth:
Structured learning, logical progression, and more than six months of preparation ensure your competencies bloom in a dynamic environment.

Mentorship & Feedback: Embrace a culture of self-respect, openness, and learning from mistakes with Academy Coaches and regular feedback sessions.

IT Projects: Dive into real-world projects with Macrix Technology Group, covering custom software development, industrial automation, digital transformation, and more.

Hands-On Approach: 70% practice, 30% solid theory, tackling real business problems alongside professionals for better knowledge consolidation.

{Learn & Stay} Formula: The program’s secret sauce – access to tools, industry experts, and a chance for a permanent job offer after completing the final project.

What Will You Work On?

Past Young Potentials have tackled exciting projects like building graphical tools for racing car data analysis, implementing real-time web-based systems, and contributing to industry automation frameworks.

Training Part of YPP

The goal of these trainings is to help participants develop the skills they need to be successful in software development. Trainings include variety of topics, such as:

  • Version Control System and Git
  • Agile and Scrum
  • OOP, SOLID and Design Patterns
  • Refactoring and Clean Code
  • Dependency Injection
  • ASP.NET and Web API – Angular, React and Blazor
  • Database and Entity Framework
  • Unit Testing
  • CI/CD
  • ProconTEL Framework
  • UI Design Patterns
  • Parallel and Async Programming.

We’re not just teaching, we’re empowering.

When is the next YPP starting?

Probably in the beginning 2024 we will launch next edition, we will announce it on our SM channels and new website for the initative:

What do alumni tell us about the program?

“Nice balance between technical and soft skills”

“I see an important role of coaches in the learning process”

“ I find training topics useful”

“The self-study day is a good idea”

“I expected to learn C# but it’s cool that YPP isn’t just about programming”

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable experience, develop new skills, and set yourself on the path to success!