“Rosa’s wonderful world”

A little cultural highlight from our own:

Up to the 28th of February, visitors at the Kempen town hall at Buttermarkt can view „Die wunderbare Welt von Rosa“ – „Rosa’s wonderful world“.

The exhibition shows a colourful view of the world by painter and Macrix employee Rosa Chrisi dos Santos Silva. Rosa lived on Santorini, Greece, for ten years and returned nine years ago to her home of Kempen.

With her roots in Greece, Portugal and Germany, Rosa sees herself as a child of Europe. She is always on the lookout for inspiration, cannot walk past an artist gallery without looking. She lets her creativity flow and never sticks to one specific technique when it comes to painting. She rather combines and tries out new things, mixing a storm with a colourful flower field. Painting has always been a source of joy to her.

Our Macrix team is very happy for Rosa and her opportunity to have an exhibition. Because of the current Corona situation, the artworks can only be viewed through a glass wall from the outside. But feel free to come by and take a peek into Rosa’s world.