Celebrating the 10th work anniversary of our Head of HR, Patrycja Bytner

The importance of celebrating milesontes 


At Macrix, we believe in celebrating milestones and recognizing the contributions of our dedicated team members. We celebrate anniversaries, project successes, individual promotions, but also birthdays and other special occasions inside our teams. Celebrating work anniversaries and other milestones is not just about recognizing the passage of time; celebrating work anniversaries creates a culture of recognition where employees feel seen and appreciated for their contributions over time. It’s about acknowledging the dedication, hard work, and achievements of our team members. These celebrations are vital for nurturing a positive company culture and building a sense of community within our organization. Additionally, these celebrations can serve as an inspiration to newer employees, demonstrating the company’s commitment to long-term career development and success. 

By taking the time to celebrate milestones, we show our team members that their efforts are valued and appreciated. This boosts morale, enhances job satisfaction, and encourages continued dedication and hard work. It also provides an opportunity for the entire team to come together, share in the joy of the occasion, and strengthen the bonds that make us a cohesive and successful organization. 



Patrycja’s impact on Macrix 

Over the past decade, Patrycja has transformed Macrix with her dedication, hard work and positive impact. Her contributions have been instrumental in shaping our company culture and nurturing an environment where everyone can thrive.

Additionally, we captured the event’s highlights in a video reel, showcasing the touching moments and the joy shared by all attendees.

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Special surprise and event highlights 


The celebration included touching speeches from Marcin Krzywulski, our COO; Marek Żuchowski, our CEO; and Max Żuchowski, our Head of Development. Each of them expressed their appreciation for Patrycja’s commitment and the significant role she has played in the company’s growth and success.  

We surprised Patrycja with a video showing appreciation for her efforts over 10 years at Macrix. This heartfelt gesture made the celebration even more memorable for everyone.


CEO Marek Żuchowski: “She has met and continues to exceed all expectations to this day. She constantly surprises us with her capabilities and commitment, dedication, and morality. In my opinion, she is one of our greatest successes in our over 20-year history. We are grateful to have her and proud of how everything has unfolded.” 


COO Marcin Krzywulski: “No, I cannot currently imagine our Macrix group without Patrycja. There’s no debate about it. She is simply the right person in the right place, and it’s great that our paths crossed here. When we were considering who we saw in this position, it was unanimously Patrycja for HR.” 


Head of Development Max Zuchowski: “Patrycja, you’ve built strong relationships with employees from Poland to Germany, in both remote and hybrid settings. Your understanding of people, adaptability, and leadership stand out.

The trust culture you’ve created is invaluable, and your commitment to Macrix and every employee is clear. Your daily joy and positivity make our workplace better. Thank you for being an essential part of our team.”


Looking forward 

As we celebrate Patrycja’s 10th work anniversary, we are reminded of the importance of recognizing and appreciating the contributions of our team members. We look forward to continuing this tradition and celebrating many more milestones in the future. Thank you, Patrycja, for your incredible contributions over the past decade. We are grateful for your dedication and hard work, and we look forward to many more years of success together at Macrix.  


Reminiscing other anniversaries 

Let’s reminisce about other anniversaries we have celebrated at Macrix recently:  


Each anniversary reminds us of the incredible journey we’ve had together and the bright future ahead. Thank you to everyone for your commitment and contributions to Macrix’s success.