The launch of ArconQ – time for celebration!

With the beginning of April, Macrix Technology Group achieved a significant milestone – the first production release of ArconQ, an all-in-one integration platform that revolutionizes the way complex enterprise applications are built, deployed and managed. ArconQ supports companies from a large range of industries to build innovative solutions faster and cheaper.

To commemorate this milestone, on the 11th of April we organized an ArconQ team celebration event in our Wrocław office. The even was attended by the ArconQ development team, Macrix’s management board, and additional guests. It marked the culmination of a one-and-a-half-year journey to create a leading industry solution.

Marek Zuchowski, CEO of Macrix, and Rustam Ashurov, Head of R&D and ArconQ project lead, thanked the development team for their dedication and hard work in building Macrix’s new flagship product. They also highlighted the project’s innovative impact on Macrix and its customers.

Leveraging 25 years of industry experience

With a quarter-century of experience in building customized software solutions for mission critical systems of global players like RWE, SMS group or BSS, Macrix has consistently been at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation.

ArconQ represents a strategic evolution — channeling the technological experience from over 1.000 automation projects into a comprehensive, scalable product. The result is an all-in-one integration platform that cuts through the complexity of software development, so that development teams can focus on the core of their applications.

The answer to technological development roadblocks

Frustration with the complexities of developing enterprise applications, technological obstacles, integration issues, and cumbersome infrastructure setups are a common sight in many software projects.

The typical software development process involves significant time spent on infrastructure, inter-application communication, and scalability challenges. Add to that the complexities of deploying, updating, and monitoring applications, and it’s easy to see why developers spend less time on actual feature development.

With ArconQ,  developer teams can automate all of these challenges and streamline development processes.

A new way to build complex enterpise applications

ArconQ automates common technological challenges, freeing developers to focus on the business logic that adds true value to applications. It enables the creation of modern, sophisticated enterprise applications and complex distributed systems with less reliance on specialized technical experts such as DevOps engineers or platform engineers.

Developers can reduce development time by up to 80% through automated hosting, infrastructure management, and application deployment – ensuring faster, cost-effective delivery while maintaining high quality standards. ArconQ integrates over 75 unique features, developed from extensive project experience and client feedback, to meet genuine industry needs.

If you want to learn more about ArconQ and how it can help speed up the development of your software projects, book a demo through our website.