Macrix auf der Rennstrecke

Macrix employees at the racetrack

Macrix has been associated with the automotive industry for many years. Thanks to this, recently a group of our employees had the unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes of a professional racing event. In mid-October, they were invited by our partner team RN Vision STS to see the GT4 Sprint Cup Europe, which was […]
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Macrix neuer Standort in Polen

New Macrix Poland headquarters

Macrix Poland is no longer spread across two offices! At the beginning of November, we all moved into our new headquarters, which is located in the PGK office building at Marcelińska Street. The office space has been arranged from scratch to meet our needs. There are not only plenty of work desks (each of us […]
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IT Events bei Macrix

Learning is a life-long process…

 … or at least should be! 🙂 In 2018 we put special emphasis on the development of our skills and widening of our horizons, taking part in the biggest industry meetings in the country. A specially assembled Competence Management Team provides a watchful eye over the whole project. Thanks to them we can be sure […]
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Grillsaison Macrix Polen

Let us begin the grill-afternoons on Podlaska street!

As soon as the hot summer came, we started our long-awaited grill get-togethers on Podlaska. Apart from the standard equipment for such an event, there was also no shortage of home-made delicacies – Sylwia, special thanks to you for your commitment on which we can always count! 🙂 We would not have eaten a thing, […]
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LEGO in the spotlight :)

Another integration meeting behind us. This time the spotlight was on the Bucket Wheel Excavator received as a gift from one of our clients – an excavator being one of the biggest LEGO Technic sets.  As brave and ambitious people that we are, we set a certain goal for ourselves – to put together the […]
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